Office initiatives relate to things done in and around CFC Services, such as increased recycling and the use of high-efficiency lighting.


  • Bale and recycle all cardboard for 3rd party purchase
  • Bale or containerize and recycle all plastic shrink wrap* for 3rd party purchase
  • Plastic and aluminum container recycling
  • Paper recycling

Energy Conservation

  • All heating and cooling units have been equipped with timers and temperature lockouts
  • Monitoring all computer equipment is being turned off when not in use
  • Upgraded industrial battery charges have auto shutoffs
  • High energy efficient T5 light fixtures have been installed  which are 50% more efficient then traditional ha-light or florescent fixtures
  • Implementing Virtualization into our infrastructure wherein we are able to run multiple virtual servers; reducing power consumption substantially

Shipping initiatives are highlighted by environmentally-friendly methods being used in distribution practices, including fill materials and box sizes.

  • All cartons consist of at least 60% non virgin corrugation fibers
  • Where possible with very small items, Jiffy mailer envelopes (a very cost effective envelope made from recycled material) are used.

Printing initiatives are centered around the reduced circulation of company reports as well as marketing materials displaying the ‘Please Recycle’ icon.

Marketing Materials

  • The paper used is FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council). Products carrying the FSC label are independently certified to assure consumers that they come from forests that are managed to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations.
  • The paper is made with 5% pre-consumer recycled content; this means the paper is made out of paper scraps and trimmings left over from the paper manufacturing process.

Invoices & Reports

  • Reports are generated in electronic file format rather than in printed form wherever possible.
  • Invoices are sent via email rather than printed whenever possible.