Any business that deals with sensitive computer data must maintain strong security protocols to keep that information safe from the threats posed by hackers and malicious programs. Every device connected to the network, every internet download, and every update that is not installed present opportunities for unauthorized access and compromised data.

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Data security includes protecting organization controls, including all mobile devices such as phones, laptops and other devices in the field. While the details are advanced, CFC employs a proactive, defensive approach where threats or intruders that get pass one level of security will be caught by another. CFC Services adheres to Microsoft best practices for network security and has partnered with FortiNet, one of the leading network security companies for small to mid-sized businesses, to provide protection above and beyond many other security providers. Data loss prevention measures, strong encryption, and restricted network access levels are but a few of the many methods implemented by CFC Services to enhance data and network security.
  • Network Monitoring

    Network Monitoring

    The prevention of poor TCP performance and data transport issues on the network. CFC Networks constant monitoring and implementing of new technologies to advance TCP-based connections optimizes the performance regardless of distance.
  • Network Security

    Network Security

    Finding the perfect balance between security and mobile devices without compromising the user experience is an ongoing challenge. CFC Networks gives both areas the proper attention to balance out the complexity between mobile devices and network security.
  • Data Security

    Data Security

    Any business that handles sensitive data knows how important data security is. Not only your own, but your customers data needs to be kept secure. CFC makes use of the latest in data security tools in the form of hardware and software to stay ahead of the security threats.
  • Offsite Backup

    Offsite Backup

    Think of every piece of data on every computer and server in your company. Now think of the last time you backed it all up. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that everything was safe and accessible without having to lift a finger? That’s how it feels when CFC Networks manages your backup.


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