A smarter approach to WAN optimization. CFC Networks is ready and prepared to face the many challenges of designing and installing a wireless network. Visibility, control and optimization are the three key components in wireless design. Features including utilizing the latest tools to monitor in real-time, reporting, traffic control and acceleration are integrated and usable through the network design and management services of CFC Networks.

CFC Networks - San Antonio Network Design Solutions

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Basic Installation:

CFC Networks optimizes the user experience with custom network designs. Creating networks that can support real-time monitoring including a multiple array of features.

• Prepare Equipment
• Installation
• Provide all documents and materials
• Results and outcome for CFC Networks deliverables

Client Responsibilities

• Details on equipment installation location
• Information to CFC Networks of site readiness to install seven days prior to request.
• Unrestricted, continuous access to job sites and systems
• If there is a specific required training or certification needed by installation teams to access any facility, notify CFC Networks prior to issuing the request.
• Preparation of site and manage service on-site
• Details on all equipment, lighting, connecting appliances, and other support tools needed for installation
• Pre-installation of all cables provided to the circuit locations
• Signature on completed work

Installation Deliverables

• Physically installed device



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Providing prompt quality service is a key component to our success. Our San Antonio IT Network Consultants provide optimal solutions. After evaluating your network assets we will:

•Eliminate redundancies
•Boost performance
•Reduce maintenance costs.

In the process of this network evaluation, CFC Networks installs a reliable, high-performance global network that will efficiently scale to meet your future business demands.



On-Site Network Survey:

The site survey service helps you gather a precise survey in a speedy and low-cost manner to prepare for new equipment installation.

CFC Services Responsibilities

•Site assessment
•Site survey report
•Project management input for CFC service deliverables

Client Responsibilities

•Provide CFC Services with an address and contact information at least ten business days prior to survey.
•At least ten business days prior to the survey, provide CFC Services with the installation plan that explains the equipment to be installed, and provide unlimited, continuous access to sites and systems.
•If specific training or certification is required by installation teams to access any facility, notify CFC Services prior to issuing the request.
•Respond in a timely manner to any issues found between the client initial design document and the site survey report
•After the site survey, sign off the completed work

Site Survey Deliverables

•Site survey report
•Bill of materials